Kia Ora!
This Is The Online Hub Of New Zealand's Best School Mobile App.
Smart Schools bring parents, teachers and students closer than ever before.
Whether it be school events, daily notices, newsletters or what's going on in the community. Parents, teacher's and students can stay in sync with the Smart Schools app.
NZ's only native app that can be used when offline
Getting in touch with parents, students or staff members is vital, this lead us to incorporate alerts strategically in to our mobile app. Not everyone stays online on their phone for various legitimate reasons but schools still need to get their message across. Our app is the only app in NZ that sends scheduled alerts even when app users are offline!
School Website Integrated With Mobile App
We've tied up our school website system with our mobile app system, which means that events, notices, newsletters and alerts only need to be updated at one dashboard.
We've brought it 5 months earlier than expected!
We've reduced administration even more with our Kamar integration! Kamar Calendar, Kamar Notices and Kamar Timetable are now fully synced with our website and mobile app plans.

Solution focused, technology oriented.

What exactly does this mean?

  • Our main goal is to find and create solutions for schools using technology. 
  • We achieve this by doing frequent R&D surveys with schools and innovation within our technology. 
  • Every solution we build is upgraded every 6 months to make sure that your school is up to date and we're staying ahead of Moore's law. 

Why Become A Smart School?

Save Money
Reduce your need for paper print outs, sending text messages (incredibly advanced), and producing homework diaries.
Reduce Administration
Save time with automation features that reduce data entry and perform generic tasks automatically.
We're ahead of our game
General browsing on the app and notification alerts can also be received without the internet, keeping your school connected at all times.
Support & Ongoing Updates
We bring in upgrades to our school app and website system with new features and efficiencies every 6 months. Once we make your school smart, we make sure you stay smart!

We forgot to mention, these features are not available via any other school app providers in New Zealand.