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The most advanced custom school app in New Zealand starts from just $999.
Please note that any features marked with an * are features exclusive to Smart Schools.

Please tell us about your school:

Base Features:

Your school will get all these features for their custom app in the base price of $999.

-Grouped Alert Notifications
Send targeted alerts to app users by segmenting alerts.

-Google Calendar Integration
Automate the process of update events by syncing the app with Google Calendar.

-Staff Secret Menu*
Send alerts in emergency situations without a computer.

-Community Board* (Display local adverts).
Display local adverts

-Offline Mode*
Use the app and receive scheduled alerts when offline.
Only available in the base package until the end of 2017.

Select modules

These are extra features that we can include in your custom school mobile app.

The app will function sufficiently on all tablets. However, if you would like your app users to have a better app experience on Tablet, you should choose this option.

Automate the process of updating events and daily notices by syncing the app with Kamar.

Students can view and add their timetable to their phone calendar.

Staff can use a 'Staff Only" version of this app through a secured network. Emergency alerts can be sent to school staff only with this feature.

Send specific push notifications to parents using a child's student ID.